Monday, December 10, 2012

Final Day

Has reached its final day!!! \(^_^)/
It's finally ending!!! \(^_^)/
The live today
had a band support
I was nervous throughout the time
But finally, now there's 1 less thing to be nervous about
The feeling of achieving something (*´∇`*)
But of course, this is all because of the audience (///ω///)♪
Thank you very much (o^-^o)
To be able to be surrounded by so many people from great companies
To be surrounded by so many great audience (’-’*)♪
It was such a happy journey
This play,
If it made you feel happy, I'm glad
Since it is already over, so I'm going to post up the pictures (*^O^*)
Her official LINE hairstyle I guess, pretty cute!

Getting spoilt while there's still chance!

A positive Umeko???

Sounds like a lot of fun, too bad can't go and watch it. So wait for the DVD!

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