Monday, December 3, 2012


It's cold today isn't it~
Everyone please be careful and not catch a cold okay

It's the beginning of the week, Monday~
Which means…
The show is going to be soon!

Just a week ago was the live and now I'm already on another stage
I see, the time gap was really this short…

I'm understanding it now though
The reason why the practise time is made parallel to the live
All the seniors are available to lend me a hand to help me work to it

I'm working hard on my own too!
Nothing beats the excitement of meeting the fans again
It might not be an Idoling!!! Stage but let us enjoy the difference in both event~

Can I say this?
Well I don't have the permission to say but I think I'm going to say it anyways
In regards to this play, I really want everyone to come and se it! It's something that will leave some strong impression
If I were to put it into words, you might say that its really new and refreshing.. Yup
It'll be some sort of new encounter
I absolutely love it when the fans are excited and having fun, waving your hands and remembering all that
Furthermore singing and dancing together
But this time around,
We are presenting you with a message and I'd love for all of you to be there and receive it.
I'm sure that in out life, it isn't all rainbows and candies all the time

Because there are people like this, sometimes we want to go through certain things but we didn't
Even by little
We're angry
We suffer
We feel like giving up
We feel like running away
All those pain deep inside
That no one else would be able to understand

Well what I really wanted to say is I really hope that you'd be here to listen to our message.  I hope that this can be a power to help us advance starting from tomorrow

See I'm slowly spoiling the show already?? (lol)
Even if its talking too long~ there's no helping to it!
Whatever it is in this week Kawamura is deep inside the world of LINE

It says "Right now Umeko is in the world of LINE"

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